der Klang von Zuckerwatte

Strawberry compote


The world has become so complicated. Let’s meet and visit that place that only we know. Let’s pretend everything is as it used to be: The world is simple, the future open but definitely bright, sparkling and wonderful. Let’s enjoy the simple things again. Without having to think about any troubles. Without questioning ourselves and asking if we might be different than the others. Let’s do exactly what we want to do, just for one moment, without any hidden agenda, doubts or rules.

And so we hide at our secret place, like we used to when secrets were still great, precious and miraculous. On the way we snaffle a jar of still warm strawberry compote, that we share with our heads put together and a conspiratorial giggle. Totally fair and in turn: first you than me. Until the jar is empty and our snoots are smeared red. In the evening we go to bed with our heads full with hopes and nice dreams and we almost cannot await the next adventurous day. Although our bellies ache from all  that berry compote. Because, let’s be honest: It was so worth it!


Strawberry compote

  • 500 ripe strawberries (it doesn’t matter if they already have some „not so nice“ spots on them – in the compote they won’t be bothering anybody)
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • juice of half a lime

Wash the strawberries first, then remove the green parts and put them in a pot. Add the sugar and the lime juice and bring it gently to a boil. Stir occasionally so that nothing gets burnt and the berries mix well with the sugar. After 5 minutes or so the first berries should release some juice and become soft. After 5 more minutes scrunch the strawberries with a fork or a potato masher to the consistency you like.

Let the compote simmer for 15 additional minutes until it almost drops like syrup from a spoon. Fill it in sterilized jars, close them immediately and eat it up during the next week (store in a fridge as soon as it has reached room temperature) or put it directly in some bowls and enjoy it while it is still fresh and warm.


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